Cashback Rates

Cashback Mortgages allow you to 'advance' a percentage of the mortgage you are taking, for a premium. For example, instead of getting the discounted rate, you may get the posted rate in return of 5% of the mortgage amount, which you can use to furnish your new home.

Bank of Canada Rates

Prime Rate Qualifying Rate
2.70% 4.64%
Prime rate is the lending rate issued by the Bank of Canada that is used as a benchmark by lenders. Qualifying rate is the rate used in calculating affordability of a mortgage when a variable rate mortgage, or a 1-4 year fixed term mortgage, is taken.

Best Cashback Rates

Term Cashback Mortgage Rate Rate Hold Pre-payment Get Rate
There are no rates listed at this time
* All rates listed are subject to change with or without notice and subject to credit approval and guidelines.

History of Fixed Rates

History of Fixed Rates


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